We think of Cofabbing as the process of fabbing with two more more individuals working together on the same project.

The concept of co-fabrication experience and co-fabrication spaces are becoming more available during the rise of the maker movement. Multiple individual with the same or different skill disciplines working side by side would be co-fabbing in a co-fabrication facility. This can happen in other facilities such as a Makerspace or traditional shop too. Start-ups are moving back towards hardware, or at least a hardware component in their product model. Often a hardware prototype or even a small production run will require a multi-displanary skills. Cofabbing, or say having a prototype engineer working along side a machines, woodwork and electronic technician to produce a single item would be one example. A woodworking working side by side with an ornamental metal worker to product a unique piece of furniture could be another example.

Many start-ups today are breaking out of the software realm as the interest in making physical products are having a resurgence. Not everyone has a shop at home, access to equipment at work or even a suitable factory type environment that can handle some of the heavy duty noise, dust and materials handling needed. Much like Makerspaces and Fabrication Laboratories ( FabLab ), Co-working Fabrication and Co-fabbing offers a path forward by offering spaces for making things.

At PEV Labs we offer Cofabbing sessions along with being very supportive of co-working fabrication experiences. You can schedule a series of time slots with us in our shop to work together producing a tangle prototype. Or schedule time for an extra hand on a traditional project. We have basic shop tools, commercial machinery to modern digital fabrication equipment on hand with a skilled, multi-competency craftsperson on hand to work with you in creating your product.

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Cofabbing with Nathan / CNC Woodworking
Cofabbing with Nathan on CNC Furniture Woodworking Project
PEV Labs for Cofabbing - Coworking Fabrication
PEV Labs for Cofabbing, Coworking Fabrication. Working with Alex on His Table
PEV Labs for Cofabbing - Co-working Fabrication
Co-working Fabrication with Joe on His Recording Console
Cofabbing with Adam on Makerspace Workbenches
Cofabbing with Adam on Makerspace Workbenches
Cofabbing on a Woodworking Project
Cofabbing on a Woodworking Project
Cofabbing CNC with Michael
Cofabbing a CNC Cabinetry Project with Michael